The Scooter: A Personal Taxonomy of Scooters

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My final booklet presenting my taxonomy collection and engineering project:

I hope you enjoy!


Scooter Anatomy Process

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Here are a few of my snapshots from putting together (or should I say taking apart) my scooter for my final images.

Blueprint Progress

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My Blueprint

My Blueprint

I really like how this has turned out! It was inspired by the blueprints featured in a post below and I think it fits really well with my whole engineering theme. I plan on using this same method for my contents page in my booklet and have it as a running theme throughout. Hopefully, it will look as good as i’m visualising in my head!


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Continuing with my research, I had previously decided that I wanted to create a Blueprint of my scooter therefore I had to do some routing around! There isn’t many blueprints of vehicles, they’re mainly for houses and buildings generally.

However, I did find some diagrams of vehicles and scooters (although not blue!) and I also found some fabulous blueprints of the Star Trek Enterprise:

(Scooter diagrams and their sources are available on my Pinterest and the Star Trek Blueprint images were taken from Cygnus-x1)

I definitely want to include these blueprints in my final piece as they sum up the genre of my work and compliment the cover design and item itself really well!

Haynes Manual Research

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I decided to do a little research into how I will present this graphic piece that i’m currently working on. After looking around for a little while, I came to the conclusion that I associate engineering and motor vehicles with the classic Haynes Manuals. You can get one of these manuals for practically anything; they even have pretend ones for famous vehicles such as the U.S.S Enterprise and the Tardis:

Personally, I think this is a great style for my project as it’s simple, clean cut and informative. I plan on developing something similar for my booklet cover and including my own images of the project as well as some digital and hand drawn diagrams.

(all images and their sources can be found on my Pinterest page – the link to which is located in the left hand navigation bar)

Taxonomy Progress

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This is just an update on my Taxonomy project. The image above is of the scooter I will be using to form my anatomies section of the project. Slowly but surely it’s been taken apart and I’m roughly about half way through – making sure to keep every single piece that comes off it. I am so excited to lay it all out and categorise it correctly for my photos. I’m considering putting my images and information into a mini leaflet/book as well as a large copy of my final anatomy image. I would have loved to take apart a Vespa or Lambretta, but unfortunately they are incredibly expensive and on my student income, it just wasn’t possible! (This image is not mine but the original owners)

Advertising: The Vespa Timeline

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A compilation of images taken from The Cult of Vespa

A compilation of images taken from The Cult of Vespa book (Piaggio)

I created this timeline for Vespa Advertisements from the 1950s through to the 1980s. I acquired all my images from The Cult of Vespa written by the Piaggio team. I believe that this timeline not only works as visual information but also as a great guide and insight into the world of advertising throughout the years and how it’s changed.

I noticed that during the 50s, it was primarily women that featured in adverts alongside the classic scooter. This is because when it was released to buy it was accessible to women as well as men, which opened up a lot of doors for them as they weren’t allowed to ride motorcycles for cultural reasons.

I found the 1960 advert interesting as it features the famous Santa Clause. They managed to feature him alongside a fabulous woman and this not only made Santa look ‘cool‘ but also made their products look fun and more appealing to a younger audience.

The 1970s adverts were very bright and bold in imagery and design. This definitely reflects the era they were in: hippies, flares and Saturday Night Fever spring to mind! I particularly love this selection of adverts.

The 80s made way for more cool and simple advertising with their Vespa’s having a ‘pimped’ up vibe. The scooter in the 1981 advert features a rather wild leopard print seat! Groovy baby!

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