Final Data Visualisation for The Red Spotty Elephant Cake Co.

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I’m really happy with how my final visualisations came out. I wanted to use a variation of colours as the company, The Red Spotty Elephant Cake Co, are all about vibrant creative outcomes and I wanted this to reflect in their data. Without crossing over into infographics, it was difficult to show in the form of a chart or graph so I took on the influence of the Art and Science journal i’d previously looked at. 

Regarding typography, I wanted to keep it clean and minimal. The company’s name is in their own font and I kept everything else basic, I particularly like the font in the centre for the date as it has lots of negative space and follows suit. 

I decided on landscape poster mock-ups to present it on here as I do believe this is the best way to showcase this sort of information. As it already has a purpose and that it will be used professionally, it doesn’t want to be fussy and messy. It needs to be straight forward, easy to read and do its job in a way that the client needs – I personally think it does all of the requirements.

To keep in the theme of spotty I decided to use circles in the key and obviously the data is formed around the shape of a circle. I think this is subtly the right amount of spots without going over board and venturing into tacky.


Test Mock-Ups

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2011-Mock-Up Data-Mock

Further Data Visualisation

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Data Visualisation: Art & Science Journal

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I recently found this blog, We Feel Fineon Tumblr that has created some beautiful pieces of visualisation from their data that they collected over the period of 3 years. They decided to collect information on how people are feeling and managed to acquire over 12 million human emotions just by using a simple software that detects when people have used the phrase “I’m fine” or “I’m feeling…” online, how clever is that?!

Circular Visualisation

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Data Four Data Five


Here are another two visualisations i’ve been working on based on a circular theme. This is quite a tedious job as it takes a lot of playing around to get it exactly how you want it but I think the end product gives you a really simplistic visual. I love how the data is represented in a graphical form as well as we need to remember we’re not creating infographics. I really do like these so there’s a possibility i’ll continue working on them and developing them further (doing all these on Illustrator is also helping my skills, yay!)

A Spotty Visualisation Prototype

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With this prototype, I decided to play on the company’s title: spotty. Initially I had it in various shades of pink but then realised it wouldn’t make much sense when it’s The Red Spotty Elephant… I also needed a way to create a key in which viewers will know how much each circle represents so decided to make it vibrant with colours of the rainbow. I really love this visualisation as the negative white space makes it look clean, super modern and statistical (if that’s even a word!) Perhaps the layout could be adjusted slightly but in this format it could work well as a booklet. There is definitely potential here.

Prototype Data Visualisations

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Cupcakes-Example-1 Cupcakes-Example-2

These two pieces were influenced by my previous research into Accurat. I decided to have a go at something very simple as more often than not it looks better than cluttered work. Initially I was only going to do the top one with just the basic dots indicating the amount sold that month/year but I wanted to see what it would look like connected. I think the connected image makes the data easier to read but I really love how the dots look so minimal and modern.I will definitely return to this after i’ve ventured into other areas of visualisation. Originally I didn’t have any numerical charts on them but after some feedback, I decided that I should include something as a guideline so you can get a more accurate number for the data.

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