Updated Final DCM Ident

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Today we managed to successfully finish off our DCM Competition ident after applying all of our feedback. We adjusted the typeface on the “Welcome To Our World” end sequence as it just didn’t flow right. We ended up using Helvetica Neu on a very thin stroke making it appear quite airy and dainty. After faffing around with various fonts we really loved the simplicity in the end.


The only other modification we made was too the open and end sequence. Previously the video just started straight up and only the quote faded out at the end, we were advised to play around with different effects to see if we could make it a bit smoother. We finally settled on a simple fade in/fade out. Initially we were a little hesitant to do anything to our video as we were already super happy with how it was, but we were glad we took on board some advice as it does make it a final clean entrance and exit.

Here is the new slightly modified ident:


Applying Feedback: Emotional Storyboard

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We were given a couple of points to improve upon with our emotional storyboard draft in our initial research and planning stage:

  1. Correct the frame size – most of the time people often draw out their storyboards in a square format which isn’t always the right format. For us, our video ended up being 1080p X 960p so we needed to alter our storyboard to the correct size (basically a rectangle).
  2. The only other alteration we were asked to improve upon was the direction boxes below the drawings. Jay wanted us to include a little more information on the camera positions so we added a couple of varying ranges on our ideas.

Competition Brief: Ident Music Editing

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When it comes to adverts, we know that music is vital for helping the audience create that connection so obviously the same must be applied for a cinematic ident.

Georgia sent me a link to the track she thought we could use and funnily enough, I was going to suggest the same track to her! Fate. The music we’ve chosen is Your Hand In Mine by Explosions in the Sky as it’s such an emotional song that can be used and interpreted in so many ways, it’s perfect for what we required. Unfortunately, it’s 8 minutes long so we had to cut it down to a slight 25 seconds. Initially we thought we would have to ask for help but under some miracle, we managed to use a basic music editing software that you can download online called Audacity. It was easy to quickly pick up and we were super impressed with how well we did!



Production Day!

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Just a few photos of us doing our filming in various locations:

This past week Georgia and I have been filing a variety of different clips to express the emotion of cinema. Some things that we had in mind weren’t possible, but others were, so we decided to start filming and experimenting with a wide range of clips. Once we started to actually film, we realised that we wanted to push our limits with how professional this video was going to look. Wednesday afternoon, Georgia decided to brave it outside in zero degree weather with shorts and a t-shirt on. I filmed things such as me running, doing kick ups, and kicking the ball towards the camera, all which showed energy, adrenaline and inspiration. After almost getting hyperthermia, we watched the videos back and decided that they just didn’t cut the feel and look we were going for and alas, we (Georgia in particular)  froze for nothing.

Moaning over, we progressed to film other things such as rain hitting our umbrella which would have been perfect if the rain was coming down that little bit harder. The one shot we 100% new we wanted to get was the sunset, so around 5pm we headed up to Caulms Wood and set our gear up. Then we waited. And waited. After around an hour and a 100 cute dogs later, the sun was set and we headed back to watch our videos. We were shocked at how great the whole video looked and the clouds gradually moving through the sky look very effective.

Unfortunately the sunset being so great confirmed that we also wanted to film the sunrise, so come 5:30 am Thursday morning the alarm went off, and off we went to film the sunrise. Living in England, we are almost guaranteed miserable weather and as no big surprise, the sun didn’t exactly rise. But the footage we got of the sky turning from black to orange to an almost blue worked wonderfully and overall the filming progress went well.

After gathering these videos along with both our video from past events we had got a great collection of footage to start editing.

After Effects: Constructing Our Ident

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After we had finished with our filming, which was quite hard considering what we wanted to include, we then had to create the video. I hadn’t had a lot of experience with video editing software until I started University (unless Windows Movie Maker counts) so I was a little nervous at how well we could make the footage look on quite basic knowledge of After Effects. There were only a couple of things we needed Jay to help with which surprised us! He was more than happy to give us a hand and after about 6 hours, we finally had all of our footage edited, cropped, cut down, positioned and ready to work with.

Having a 25 second limit was proving difficult as one of our videos (our favourite one) was over 55 minutes long! Obviously we cut it down as best we could and managed to get it to around 14 minutes. This is when we called Jay over, he taught us how to speed up, or fast-forward, the clips and shorten them to around 5 seconds:


Speeding Up A Video:

  • After you’ve imported your video and cut it down as best you can, you need to right click on the file, go to ‘time’ and click ‘time stretch’. As our video was particularly long we needed it as fast as possible so we entered 1% into the stretch factor box:
  • It’s still a little too long for our short ident so we then had to do a couple more steps. Right click on the file again and press ‘pre-compose’ and select the second option of “Move all attributes to new composition” as this creates a new layer that holds the shortened video content. The file bar should now have turned brown.
  • Finally, repeat the first step again except don’t enter 1% this time, enter your chosen duration instead. Voila!

Saving the file:

Saving the file might sound a little simple, but previously we’ve been creating animations and we just wanted to make sure that the settings were correct before finalising it.

  • First off, go to the top menu bar to select composition and ‘Add to Render Queue’.
  • The queue box appears at the bottom of your screen and we need to edit the ‘Output Module’ first so select LOSSLESS. The output settings box appears, select ‘Format Options’  and from the drop-down ‘Video Codec’ menu choose H.264.
  • finish off

Competition Brief: Planning & Jays Seminar

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Today we focussed on developing ideas and getting feedback from Jay in our seminar session.


  • 5 x 5 seconds
  • 8 x 3 seconds
  • 6 x 4 seconds

As it stands, we think have six 4 second clips would be best as 5 seconds might be slightly too long for an ident. We also want to get as much emotion and content in as possible so depending on the quality of our footage and how we edit it all together, there is chance there will be more than 6 clips in total.


  • Excitement
  • Joy
  • Love
  • Humour
  • Adrenalin
  • Sad
  • Inspired
  • Nostalgic
  • Hope
  • Surprise
  • Suspense
  • Anger
  • Fear
  • Curiosity

We created a list of a emotions and feelings based on what we look for in a film and what we thought would look best portrayed in an ident for cinema viewing. On the first read of the brief we were lead to believe that you had to pick just ONE emotion, however after conferring with Jay he informed us that it didn’t have to be just one. They literally want the whole 25 seconds to be powerful with emotion of any kind, they want the emotion to represent the cinema so that made it a whole lot easier on our imaginations! Obviously we had to narrow the list down slightly as they vary quite drastically so we went ahead and picked our 5 favourite and then chose a couple of films that we thought best showed the emotion:

  • Excitement: Super 8 & Jurassic Park
  • Joy: Hairspray & Forrest Gump
  • Adrenalin: Jaws & King Kong
  • Inspired: Freedom Writers & Coach Carter
  • Nostalgic: Toy Story & Back To The Future
  • Suspense: Gravity & Cape Fear

By thinking of the corresponding films it helped us visualise ideas for our own clips. We narrowed it down yet again to our final favourite 3:

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 19.50.19

We created a very rough sketch of a storyboard for the emotion JOY before our seminar so now it will need adjusting to make room for other emotions, arranging for other possible clips or extras.





(1,2,3,4,5 & 6)

We’ve also been thinking about different ways to incorporate the DCM logo into the clip. As of now we like the idea of having it appear throughout the whole video just like the original idents have.

We plan on filming as much footage from the list as possibly (some are clearly not possible, cries) but what we aim for is a lot of footage so we can experiment with different ideas and see what works best.

Competition Seminar Feedback

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On Thursday we all attended seminars specific to our chosen competition briefs to help us get started and to see us through until our hand in date. I thought that I would just upload a couple of things we were taught and helped on:

  • Choose your style – you need to know what your niche is before trying to create something. Knowing your style will help you a lot as it gives you a starting point to work from.
  • Content – Although style is very important, content is the primary focus. What is it you want to include? Start with some basic ideas and we can develop on them with sketches and take them further.
  • Existing films – What is your favourite film? Why?
  • Interests – What are your hobbies and interests? If you can incorporate something you’re interested in and know a lot about it will be so much easier to create something great.
  • Set up – It’s all well having your amazing ideas but getting them to the quality required is difficult. Take time to think of location, lighting and equipment. It won’t be any good if you use your camera phone to film something with very poor lighting. If the set up is good then the content will instantly be better.

All these points really helped me see what it is exactly that we have to do to create a memorable, emotional 25 second ident. My next stop is to come up with some rough ideas and start sketching some basic storyboards so that I can ask for opinions and input in next weeks seminar.

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