Parsons x Teen Vogue: Retail Marketing

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As a shopper, i’m quickly becoming more and more aware of how shops draw in their customers. My local TopShop is probably one of the smallest of their stores, yet it still remains the most popular one on the high street. A singular strategic mannequin placement at the entrance entices the customer in through their narrow doors and is often dressed in bold colours or striking motif to just about grab your eye before you walk past (for me, it was definitely this super-cute Mickey Mouse jumper).


My favourite section of the store is actually on your immediate right as you walk in – a large, modern clothes rack features some of the latest additions and because it’s elevated and free standing, you are instantly drawn towards it. In a sense of, “you must have these” and “these are the best”, TopShop knowingly put forward items they know will make you step a little closer and search a little deeper.

Their sale rail is strategically situated towards the back of the store so that customer’s will have to pass their New Arrivals and Last Chance To Buy stands. Also, the shoe departments is brightly highlighted in neon lights so that it’s easily visible from the front of the entrance – again, another compelling feature perfect for such a petite store.

Overall, this TopShop might not have the largest stock and the window display space is non-existent, but the floor plan has been well worked to allow fluidity and space for customers to comfortably browse.


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