Parsons x Teen Vogue: Production Standards

22/12/2015 § Leave a comment


For me, clothing sizing has been an issue for as long as I can remember and nowadays I can vary between 4 sizes depending on which store i’m in, what i’m buying and which brand it is. TKMaxx is one of my favourite stores for designer bargain buys whether it be clothing, shoes, bags or home decor – I could spend hours shopping and never leave empty handed!

Today, seen as though I was feeling festive and the weather conditions are similar to those found in the Antarctic, I wanted to try on a few cosy jumpers. To my surprise, I fit quite well into a gorgeous red knitted zip-up jumper by Love Knitwear in a UK size 12. But then I tried on a pastel blue embellished jumper by Amara in a 12 and there was no room to move – I found that the size up fit me a lot easier and bonus, I could lift my arms above my head!


I’m a sucker for a great shirt, yet I don’t seem to own many! I always find that my arms feel restrained and a gap is formed across the chest in a smaller size, but the next size up is always ill fitting elsewhere – the struggle is real! After a couple of attempts at various shirts (including brands such as Taifun and Daniel Hetcher) I found that Paul Costello’s Grandad collar shirt fit me really quite nicely. The fabric was soft with a little bit of give around the arms and the buttons lined up well, however this was one size bigger than what I would usually buy in a shirt proving that there is actually no set size for a person! It all completely depends on the many variables: fabric, elasticity, shape, embellishments, garment style… the list goes on!

Today I left the shop with 2 jumpers in 2 different sizes and a shirt bigger than my usual, and although the number doesn’t bother me as much anymore, it’s still a little frustrating trying to find the right fit!



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