Parsons x Teen Vogue: My Audience

22/12/2015 § Leave a comment


At the moment, i’m still trying to figure out where my blog lies on the great wide open internet. Right now it covers a number of topics, from beauty and fashion to films and profiles, mainly due to my expanding ‘love’ for things I can never settle on one subject.

Of course, overnight success doesn’t happen to everybody and like a lot of people, viewing stats don’t shoot up after one post. Currently, my most popular posts have been about following fashion trends and new designer collaborations (still a small amount but what the heck, a win is a win) and so I’m definitely working on more content that focuses in these areas – after all, your readers are the most important factor for any blog.

Screen Shot 2015-12-22 at 14.26.31

As I sit breaking in my new pair of heels typing this, I’m constantly reminded of how important it is to be active with an online presence. EE ask me to hashtag to enter their christmas competition, E4 want me to follow their Twitter profile and now even supermarkets are on social platforms promoting new offers. The greatest thing about these forms of communication is that it has no boundaries – you can always find someone to talk too at any time of day, different languages and religions come together, and the amount of content for you to browse is astounding meaning that whatever I write needs to be worthwhile and have a voice loud enough to crack the surface of this ever-expanding cybernetic world.

My stats (seen above) show the past 2 months worth of visiting activity and this has told me that quality over quantity is always key! Instead of posting 3 to 4 times a week (stressville!) I’m posting once, maybe twice a week meaning I have a lot more time to gather sources, images and find references to make a visually pleasing blog.

In November you can see that I had a much more successful viewership with this strategy, and come December when *gulps* I was a lot less proficient with uploading, you can see it dips again. Maintaining a consistent pattern will help keep your readers interested as they know they can count on you for light entertainment on their cold commutes!



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