FMP and D&AD Concepts, Ideas and Research Strategies

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Final Major Project

Business – “AltG”

  1. Concept – Our concept for FMP part 1 is to set up a design consultancy that emphasises on the solution to customer needs through the media of design.
  2. Ideas – Our ideas for this are to create a sufficient business plan and a brand identity that expands online.
  3. Research Strategies – Our research strategies will include contacting existing design companies, marketing research where we will understand where the money is being spent to identify the correct customer types, competitor research for which we will keep up to date with so we are aware of the happenings in our industry and case study data that will help us build knowledge on why graphic design has helped build existing businesses. We will develop logo designs, website layouts, brand identities and colour schemes based on our secondary research of looking into existing design companies and their approach to selling their brand.

A Land For Life

  1. Concept – Our concept for FMP part 2 is to expand the Land Rover brand by creating a British Heritage fashion line.
  2. Ideas – Our idea for this is to design a collection of fashion products that are visibly and directly linked to Land Rover which will be accompanied by a photoshoot and Look Book.
  3. Research Strategies – Our research has already involved thorough primary research of experiencing the lifestyle first hand and getting an insight into individuals in the Land Rover business. Secondary research will involve analysis of archetypal fashions, costs synonymous to this style and quality, Land Rover’s sales, marketing and overall advertising strategies for which we will channel into our own fashion promotions.


John Lewis

  1. Concept – Our concept for the John Lewis competition brief is to truly capture the customers personality and incorporate it into their packaging.
  2. Ideas – Our idea is to create a simple and exciting quiz for the customers to participate in that will reflect on the kind of the package they will receive. Through this, they experience the excitement of gaining an almost ‘unknown’ gift (their personal box).
  3. Research Strategies – For primary research we will be finding out about stereotypical personalities/types of people. We will look into what it is that makes them archetypal to their niche. Our secondary research will involve understanding and finding out about John Lewis’ customer type as well as their competitors.


  1. Concept – Doodles in progress. Apologies.
  2. Ideas –
  3. Research Strategies



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