Updated Final DCM Ident

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Today we managed to successfully finish off our DCM Competition ident after applying all of our feedback. We adjusted the typeface on the “Welcome To Our World” end sequence as it just didn’t flow right. We ended up using Helvetica Neu on a very thin stroke making it appear quite airy and dainty. After faffing around with various fonts we really loved the simplicity in the end.


The only other modification we made was too the open and end sequence. Previously the video just started straight up and only the quote faded out at the end, we were advised to play around with different effects to see if we could make it a bit smoother. We finally settled on a simple fade in/fade out. Initially we were a little hesitant to do anything to our video as we were already super happy with how it was, but we were glad we took on board some advice as it does make it a final clean entrance and exit.

Here is the new slightly modified ident:


Applying Feedback: Emotional Storyboard

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We were given a couple of points to improve upon with our emotional storyboard draft in our initial research and planning stage:

  1. Correct the frame size – most of the time people often draw out their storyboards in a square format which isn’t always the right format. For us, our video ended up being 1080p X 960p so we needed to alter our storyboard to the correct size (basically a rectangle).
  2. The only other alteration we were asked to improve upon was the direction boxes below the drawings. Jay wanted us to include a little more information on the camera positions so we added a couple of varying ranges on our ideas.

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