Cinema 4D – Keyframes

26/03/2014 § Leave a comment

Today in Jays Cinema 4D workshop we looked at using keyframes with shapes. We created 3 basic 3D shapes (cube, cone and sphere) and coloured them accordingly – we learnt this in a previous tutorial. After these had been made we positioned them so that they weren’t too close and could be easily animated.

The next step was using keyframes. I know quite a lot about keyframes within AfterEffects after using it religiously in a previous project. With understanding how they work already, it was quite easy to follow and understand the process in C4D. The first step was to move the cube – we were to make it rise and fall beneath the visible surface. Within the toolbar to our right were the co-ordinate boxes for each shape and to make it move a particular direction, you simply adjusted the figures OR you can click on the shape itself and use the easy to use arrows provided. Creating the keyframes was straight forward too.

Using my timeline (ours was set to 100 frames) I positioned my timeline cursor at 0 and pressed the correct axis in the right menu (where the co-ordinates are) whilst holding CMD on my keyboard – this should have made the circle RED and made a keyframe on your timeline. After you’ve moved your timeline cursor to where you would like the animation to stop and adjusted your shape into the last position you want it in, hold CMD and press the axis button again – this time it will be outlined in ORANGE indicating the shape has moved and will have created a second keyframe. Now if you play your animation your shape will move from the first keyframe to the second keyframe. Continue with your other 2 shapes to finish off your animation. 

(I’m yet to finish the workshop video therefor don’t yet have screenshots of my progress)



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