Cinema 4D – Materials & Lights

20/03/2014 § Leave a comment


The first step was to click on the ‘Enviornent‘ button on the top bar and then click on the floor. The environmental flooring is rendered to go on to infinity.

  1. The first step was to create an environment to place the object in.
  2. Using the ‘Environmental Objects‘ button on the top bar of the viewpoint.
  3. Add a floor and background.
  4. Go to the materials bar at the bottom and drag the material onto both.
  5. We added a device to the floor options by selecting: floor, tags, cinema 4d tags, compositing and then turning on the compositing background to allow light to travel through the floor and see the background.
  6. By turning on this setting it allows the floor to act transparent so once an object is placed into the environment you are able to capture the shadows.



Finally, change the density of the shadow if needed to make it less harsh and change the colour of the shadow.


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