Dissertation Preparation // Week One

19/03/2014 § Leave a comment

In this lecture, Spencer covered what we will be discussing in the next 4 weeks: dissertations.

We will be taking an idea and will explore it in ways that will be a case study approach by referencing other designers. We will need to contextualise the essay. Current dissertation count is 6,000 words but it may go up.

1. Dissertation
2. Technical study – Detailed investigation of a process/technique – ground study in more objective and a lot more contextualising of what you’re doing, engage with the topic – that is report based. The hardest part is trying to work with the material.
3. Major Project: addresses the thematics of the dissertation through the process/technique/technology of the technical study.

We will need a strong submission and become an expert in your chosen area. All of these things are about focus and getting the scope of something right.

We looked at some animation questions which they explored and were looked into and then we also looked at a similar idea with Graphic Design.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design as urban design, analysing graphic objects in urban environments

Rebranding vs reimaging

30 years of agitprop: the representation of “extreme” politics in punk and post-punk music graphics in the

Desire for the handmade: An investigation into the resurgence of printing methods

The use of shock in advertising

Start googling for dissertation topics and to see what other people are looking at, make sure it connects to your interests otherwise passion in the dissertation would be minimal and noticeable. Ask friends and family what you are interested by in order to get an outside perspective.

scholar.google.co.uk – this is a part of Google that is for educational purposes. It is more focused on books and periodicals, primarily useful for the “Cited by…” These are papers that are focused on that area. Looking for the stuff with the highest citation counts because that will give a broader help for what I need my dissertation.

ethos.bl.uk – useful research resources (thesis examples)

citationmachine.net – Using the reference system we use at Uni.

Paraphrase people’s ideas rather than using block quotation (if you are echoing someone’s ideas then you need to reference them – ensure you credit when referencing people’s ideas.)


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