Competition Brief & Blog Formative Assessment Feedback

12/03/2014 § Leave a comment

Last week was our formative assessment week and on thursday it was mine and my work partner’s turn to show our competition work, blog work and packaging brief. Our assessment was combined due to us working together for one of the briefs therefore making it an hour long meeting. Scary! We had Jay though as he has the most knowledge about the software we used and has spent quite a lot of time working with us to help us get our video up to top standards, so this made it a little easier for us to communicate with him.

We started off with the competition brief and showed him all of our research, preparation and recordings for the entire process. As required, we then showed him a 7 page presentation of the key moments from our time doing the brief and finally showed him our video. He said he really loved our video and commented, “It’s very much like an earth artifact” and “I could easily see this as a TV advert“, both of which made us extremely happy with our final product. He pressed us on how we divided up the work load between the two of us and asked us what we both brought to the table – in the end up we agreed that I brought the ‘fiddly’ design work and Georgia worked on the digital aspect better. However, in this brief we both agreed as because we were working out of our comfort zone and with software neither of us had a lot of experience with, it was very much an all hands in project and we equally contributed and learnt an awful lot from each other. He gave us a formative grade of a B+ and provided us with a couple of pointers on how to easily get it up to an A:

  • During our preliminary research, we created a storyboard to show the emotion ‘Joy’. As standard, we drew it as a stereotypical storyboard (squares with a dialogue box beneath). Jay told us that the content was fine but the format of the storyboard needed changing to represent the size of the actual frame we were using (1080px). 
  • He also wanted us to test out using a fade in/fade out effect at the beginning and the end of our ident – doing this would give it a softer entrance and exit. By doing this though, we would have to shorten our video clips to compensate for the time it takes to fade. 
  • As a team, we decided that we liked that there was no effect between each video clip and that it cuts straight too the next one. However, Jay suggested we give adding a flash of black or white between them a go to see what we think (and to show the testing on our blog).
  • As all of our clips are unique in content, have different qualities to them and different lighting he also thought it would be a good idea for us to try using a vignette with a 5-10% feather to see if giving them all a similarity would make a difference to the outcome.
  • Last but not least, after looking at our blog work he noticed some of our imagery was the same (obviously, we were doing the same work) and informed us that even though we’re working together our blog work still needs to be fairly individual. Therefore, divide up our selected images and share them between the two blogs so that we avoid similarity.

Overall, his feedback was very helpful! He wasn’t negative about any aspect of the work, just in what could be tweaked to help us get into that A standard bracket. Next we showed him our notes on Mondays tutorials (Stephen’s Adobe workshops, Jay’s video workshops and Warrens studio projects) and he was more than satisfied with how thorough I was throughout my posts – which is more for my benefit than theirs! He gave my blog a solid A which I was more than happy with! I put a lot of effort into keeping my blog up to date as it really does help me learn easier and I can always go back to read through it if I forget anything. 

Finally, we were asked to show him our packaging brief from Warren’s studio on a Monday. I was quite chuffed with my final outcome (images in a previous post) and to learn that Jay loved it too was great. I explained all my reasonings, went through all my research and showed him how I had tested different papers and fastenings and again, he was happy with how thoroughly I worked and how I structure my process. He then went on to tell us a very amusing story from his teenage years that included Canadian Club Whiskey. I did point out how the lid to my box didn’t stay down as much as I’d like and he kindly told me what the problem was and how it could be fixed, so with a snip of my scissors the problem was fixed.


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