Icon Book Project Feedback

11/03/2014 § Leave a comment

We were given our feedback by Tracy last wednesday and because me and my friend had hired out studio time to film for another brief, she gave us a quick summary of the good and not so good parts and told us to email her for any help if we needed.

To be honest, I went in thinking that I would probably just get a pass as I didn’t particularly understand the essay section and hoped that the effort that I put into it as well as my Icon Book design would help me scrape through. So when she handed me my feedback and saw that I had a First, 85/100, I was somewhat flabbergasted.

I left her office feeling proud of myself, not just for acquiring a First, but for handing in a piece of work that I know I had worked hard on. Spencer’s lectures can be quite intense in both length and content and I often find myself reading over his notes time and time again just to make it sink in better, so to find that what I had read and understood from him helped my essay drastically, really boosted my confidence in the analytical aspect of the course.


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