Packaging Brief: Paper & Net Testing

03/03/2014 § Leave a comment

Today I spent a couple of hours – yes a couple – in the printing bureau deciding, testing and editing my package ready for printing. Before this though, me and my friend headed to the paper supply shop in Huddersfield centre to get a real idea of what it is we really wanted our product to look and feel like. Her needs were different to mine in that she wanted rough, porous paper when I wanted quite a smooth finish. Initially, I did think having a slight texture to the box would add that luxurious feel so I went ahead and purchased a couple of sheets for testing purposes.

The lady in the printing bureau was extremely helpful in that she helped me set up my packaging file ready for the printer and helped me make the best decisions for my final product. I went ahead and used a type of cartridge paper that had quite a bumpy texture as I thought this could represent the era the whiskey was most popular in. When it came out though, the design just didn’t co-operate with the paper well at all. Although I really did love the mixture of the shine and matte finish that came with it, you really can’t see the smoke design on the front and back, the small writing has become slightly unreadable and there are some light speckles amongst the navy blue background.

I decided that I should stick to the smooth classic style I originally wanted to go for so I then opted for a smooth finish, fairly thin card. This came out so well that I decided that I didn’t need to try any other papers! I loved the overall finish to it; the colours are deep, rich and the white is super bright. After seeing how the first tester came out, I noticed that the sides to my net needed slightly adjusting and the smoke needed making slightly darker so that it stands out more against the dark navy. I adjusted it accordingly and when it came out on my second try, it was perfect. Well at least I think so!

In addition to my product, I wanted something to just add that extra special oomph. I bought a beautiful A4 piece of metallic dark silver card that will line the opening of the box. I can’t wait to add it to my final piece!



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