Production Day!

01/03/2014 § Leave a comment

Just a few photos of us doing our filming in various locations:

This past week Georgia and I have been filing a variety of different clips to express the emotion of cinema. Some things that we had in mind weren’t possible, but others were, so we decided to start filming and experimenting with a wide range of clips. Once we started to actually film, we realised that we wanted to push our limits with how professional this video was going to look. Wednesday afternoon, Georgia decided to brave it outside in zero degree weather with shorts and a t-shirt on. I filmed things such as me running, doing kick ups, and kicking the ball towards the camera, all which showed energy, adrenaline and inspiration. After almost getting hyperthermia, we watched the videos back and decided that they just didn’t cut the feel and look we were going for and alas, we (Georgia in particular)  froze for nothing.

Moaning over, we progressed to film other things such as rain hitting our umbrella which would have been perfect if the rain was coming down that little bit harder. The one shot we 100% new we wanted to get was the sunset, so around 5pm we headed up to Caulms Wood and set our gear up. Then we waited. And waited. After around an hour and a 100 cute dogs later, the sun was set and we headed back to watch our videos. We were shocked at how great the whole video looked and the clouds gradually moving through the sky look very effective.

Unfortunately the sunset being so great confirmed that we also wanted to film the sunrise, so come 5:30 am Thursday morning the alarm went off, and off we went to film the sunrise. Living in England, we are almost guaranteed miserable weather and as no big surprise, the sun didn’t exactly rise. But the footage we got of the sky turning from black to orange to an almost blue worked wonderfully and overall the filming progress went well.

After gathering these videos along with both our video from past events we had got a great collection of footage to start editing.


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