White Noise: Media Power and Mass Communication

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1. Earliest TV memory?
Pingu & Teletubbies
2. Favourite childhood TV programme?
3. First toy or game you bought after seeing it on TV?
4. First programme, film or ad that frightened you?
Harry Potter
5. First programme or film to make you cry?
6. What did you all watch as a family?
Stars In Their Eyes
7. What were you allowed to stay up late to watch?
My mum used to let me watch Shameless in bed as long as my dad didn’t find out!
8. Who controlled the TV schedule or remote?
9. How old were you when you got your first TV in your room?

Exploring how media has had an impact on us today.
  • Radio History: Listening Communities
  • Introduced BBC as an independent organisation which is why we have the license fee so nobody else controlled it.
  • Wireless became the new phenomena, 90% could listen to radio.
  • Less than 70 years ago TV was barely at the experimental stage, 3/4 families owned a set, 8 million were sold in 1936, not fully tuned to the excitement of the medium, someone tapped into the system to make people believe aliens were coming to the USA, he wanted to up his listening figures so he adapted a station to make it sound like it was happening. He was then sued and taken to court. The video below was the one we watched in the lecture.


TV History

  • 1925 – first TV broadcast – 1936 television happened.
  • It grew overnight but had less of an audience because they appeared in miniature versions, first transmission only covered 40 miles from the base.
  • September 1st 1939 the war happened so they shut down the TV in case the enemy took over the transmission of the signals.
  • Broadcasting over different languages

The Power of TV

  • Gulf war 1990 – watched it “live”
  • We became de-sensitised
  • TV TRENDS: average person watches 4 hours of TV a day
  • Average child watches more TV than any other activity
  • Top moments of 2013: Wimbledon, New Year firework display, launch of I’m a Celebrity, Britain’s Got Talent



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