Packaging Brief: Brand Name Development

24/02/2014 § Leave a comment

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When it came down to developing the name for my aftershave, I needed to take into consideration the history of my existing product and all the connotations that came with it. I started off my writing down words that I associated with it – words from the original era, the brand, the origin etc. I managed to come up with some really good words actually and managed to round up a couple of good names:

  • Mad Club
  • The Mad Canadian
  • Canadian Moonshine
  • Mad Avenue
  • Mad Moonshine
  • Mad Twist
  • Neat Twist
  • Rock Avenue
  • Canadian Rocks

These were my favourite from the selection I came up with. I wanted to play on the word ‘Mad’ as it can have a couple of hidden meanings such as Madison from Madison Avenue and Mad just as it is. I pitched these names to my brother and my dad to get a male perspective as they will be the ones buying the end product. They said as a man, they were very much drawn towards Canadian and the abbreviation CC. I acquired CC as an idea as this is the products most common name, but my dad made a valid point in that most men will read it as a reference to engines. I then decided I really do like Rocks because it refers back to how the drink can be served, coming from the popular phrase “On the rocks”. From the list above i’ve narrowed it down to two final options:

The Mad Canadian: CC Edition

The Mad Canadian: Rock Avenue


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