Packaging: Canadian Club Whiskey Research

23/02/2014 § Leave a comment

For the packaging brief I decided upon Canadian Club Whiskey for my choice of alcoholic brand. Having decided on targeting the male audience, I wanted a very masculine beverage that had a bit of historical importance. I absolutely love the TV series Mad Men and without even realising, Canadian Club Whiskey is advertised frequently throughout it as Don Draper’s choice of drink. Perfect. Having a little knowledge of the period it was most famous in, I did a little research into previous packaging designs:

There is always a consistency throughout their designs but I do love the variation when it comes to sizing and layout for special editions. I quite like the Suit & Tie gift box as it’s completely different to their previous products but I don’t think the colour scheme is particularly great. However, I really do love the very regal style box that is lined with fabric. I could take this into consideration with my aftershave packaging but I do need to remember I have a mid-price range. I prefer the square bottle rather than the tall circular bottle, so I don’t think i’ll use this style of box for my aftershave.

I’m currently working on some sketches that will be uploaded later this evening or tomorrow morning.


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