Selling Yourself: Placements

19/02/2014 § Leave a comment

5 Rules of Employability

  1. Know what you want for the future
  2. know your capabilities
  3. know your employer and customers
  4. reach for high performance standards
  5. take action

Employer Expectations

  1. nurture creativity
  2. collaboration
  3. technology
  4. experience
  5. usability

Do’s and Don’t’s for your Resume

  • Don’t use ‘i’ it’s implied throughout
  • Don’t include a photograph
  • Don’t list references or say “available on request”
  • Don’t list personal data like gender
  • Don’t include full address of previous employers

What to include

  • personal details
  • personal profile – optional
  • education
  • work experience
  • interests
  • skills

Top 10 Technical Tips

  1. list technical abilities
  2. list qualifications in order of relevance
  3. quantity experience and results achieved
  4. begin sentences with action verbs
  5. advertise yourself, highlight strengths
  6. be concise, one page limit
  7. leave out irrelevant, needless items
  8. get critiques and opinions objectively
  9. proof read
  10. plain text format for email and photocopy

CV Formats

  • interactive
  • design
  • scan
  • plain text

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