Packaging Seminar: Printing

17/02/2014 § Leave a comment

Today George from the print bureau came across to our class to give us some tips on printing out our final developments. I knew there were a few rules when it came to printing and that there were different specifications for different papers and printers etc. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there was SO much to consider.

  • Printers only accept certain papers so you always need to decide which paper you want to use and which printer it needs to be used in.
  • Always account for bleed – there are papers that are slightly bigger than standard so that it makes it easier to get the correct sizing in the end up.
  • Scale and size – Always make sure you make your design to the correct size so that when it comes to print it doesn’t blur or shrink.

Warren then went on to show us some short clips on DYE CUTTING. Dye cutting is a vital part of the package design process as it holds the whole shape of the product. Basically, there are 3 types of lines on a dye cut:

  1. Dashed – these indicate a score or fold in the design.
  2. Solid – these lines indicate where the template will be cut.
  3. Dash & Dot – this pattern shows where the package needs to be glued.

If you manage to get this perfect then your final outcome should technically be perfect. Obviously, being students we don’t have easy and cheap access to this sort of equipment so we then viewed some videos on constructing by hand. He simply used a ruler and craft knife to lightly score along the lines where the folds would go and it worked perfectly well.



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