Cinema 4D: Objects & Splines

17/02/2014 § Leave a comment

Today in Jay’s class we didn’t actually have to produce anything however, I thought it would be best if I posted what I learnt from his tutorial video. As we covered some basic steps last week and not all of us grasped the concept, he recapped a little but then continued taking it further.


  1. We first created a 3D square to work with – arrows appear to help you move and manipulate your shape but it is also possible to adjust these manually from the right hand side panel.
  2. To make it easier on ourselves we made the segments visible. This helps as we can see how the object is changing and where things might need altering.
  3. He then shows us how to fillet an object. Filleting means replacing the sharp shape edges with soft round ones – it helps reflect the light and make it appear more dimensional.
  4. Next we created a sphere next to the square and learnt that the more segments the circle has, the smoother the sphere appears.


  1. Shapes – you can create shapes on different planes and adjust the properties easily.
  2. Text Objects – the font can be adjusted just like it can in Photoshop: the kerning, tracking, height, width etc.
  3. Freehand Splines – create a bezier line but be careful when adjusting it’s properties in just one view pane.

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