Final Data Visualisation for The Red Spotty Elephant Cake Co.

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I’m really happy with how my final visualisations came out. I wanted to use a variation of colours as the company, The Red Spotty Elephant Cake Co, are all about vibrant creative outcomes and I wanted this to reflect in their data. Without crossing over into infographics, it was difficult to show in the form of a chart or graph so I took on the influence of the Art and Science journal i’d previously looked at. 

Regarding typography, I wanted to keep it clean and minimal. The company’s name is in their own font and I kept everything else basic, I particularly like the font in the centre for the date as it has lots of negative space and follows suit. 

I decided on landscape poster mock-ups to present it on here as I do believe this is the best way to showcase this sort of information. As it already has a purpose and that it will be used professionally, it doesn’t want to be fussy and messy. It needs to be straight forward, easy to read and do its job in a way that the client needs – I personally think it does all of the requirements.

To keep in the theme of spotty I decided to use circles in the key and obviously the data is formed around the shape of a circle. I think this is subtly the right amount of spots without going over board and venturing into tacky.


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