Aftershave Packaging Research

16/02/2014 § Leave a comment

After deciding on my alcoholic brand I needed to do a little research into some mid-range existing aftershave packaging and see what it is that makes them sell. These products below are all price targeted at around £30 – £40 and suitable for men from any age above 25+.

I quite liked these package designs as they are very basic and classy. From experience, I know that most men don’t like a lot of fuss with their products like women so something that is bold and stands off the shelf is key. For the style i’m going for, I believe Calvin Klein MAN is more of what i’m looking for as the silver and blue doesn’t go well with my choice of whiskey.

I definitely like their individuality with this packaging and how they have their own unique style. They’ve clearly tried to ‘man’ it up by using the army green and continuing that army theme throughout to their actual bottle design. Again very simple overall but a bolder choice of colours than Calvin Klein. Boss by Hugo Boss’ packaging has returned back to the standard interface: clear bottle, silver cap and statement logo.

Intimately Beckham is my favourite of them all as it really sums up what i’m looking for. I like the combination of the browns, oranges and golds and the fact that the bottle looks like a miniature version of a whiskey bottle. Again, I also like the simpler product too: a simple aftershave for a simple guy.

I chose these final 2 to look at as Paul Smith is an iconic mens fashion designer and was hugely popular in the mod period. This will definitely attract a different generation of men but will also attract the stylish man too. Jean Paul Gautier is my ultimate favourite mens aftershave; I love the whole blue body mannequin as well as the rawness of the metal tin. It’s the perfect product for a man who wants to be manly yet remain sophisticated and smart.


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