Competition Seminar Feedback

15/02/2014 § Leave a comment

On Thursday we all attended seminars specific to our chosen competition briefs to help us get started and to see us through until our hand in date. I thought that I would just upload a couple of things we were taught and helped on:

  • Choose your style – you need to know what your niche is before trying to create something. Knowing your style will help you a lot as it gives you a starting point to work from.
  • Content – Although style is very important, content is the primary focus. What is it you want to include? Start with some basic ideas and we can develop on them with sketches and take them further.
  • Existing films – What is your favourite film? Why?
  • Interests – What are your hobbies and interests? If you can incorporate something you’re interested in and know a lot about it will be so much easier to create something great.
  • Set up – It’s all well having your amazing ideas but getting them to the quality required is difficult. Take time to think of location, lighting and equipment. It won’t be any good if you use your camera phone to film something with very poor lighting. If the set up is good then the content will instantly be better.

All these points really helped me see what it is exactly that we have to do to create a memorable, emotional 25 second ident. My next stop is to come up with some rough ideas and start sketching some basic storyboards so that I can ask for opinions and input in next weeks seminar.


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