Adobe Dreamweaver: Week Three

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Today was the final session on the basic site layout we’ve been working on.

We covered how to create a sidebar and change the colours of the links, as well as entering text into the container, changing the font of our text and styling our header. We also learnt how to make text bold and italic which i’ve used before so this was quite easy.

These Dreamweaver tutorials have been extremely helpful in developing my skills. I had never opened the software before and had always been a little confused by all the writing and coding. In fact, i’d go as far as saying it scared me! Now, after 3 sessions I feel a little more comfortable with the software, I have a little more knowledge of how to work my way around the software and now understand how much hard work and time goes into such a basic website layout.


White Noise: Media Power and Mass Communication

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1. Earliest TV memory?
Pingu & Teletubbies
2. Favourite childhood TV programme?
3. First toy or game you bought after seeing it on TV?
4. First programme, film or ad that frightened you?
Harry Potter
5. First programme or film to make you cry?
6. What did you all watch as a family?
Stars In Their Eyes
7. What were you allowed to stay up late to watch?
My mum used to let me watch Shameless in bed as long as my dad didn’t find out!
8. Who controlled the TV schedule or remote?
9. How old were you when you got your first TV in your room?

Exploring how media has had an impact on us today.
  • Radio History: Listening Communities
  • Introduced BBC as an independent organisation which is why we have the license fee so nobody else controlled it.
  • Wireless became the new phenomena, 90% could listen to radio.
  • Less than 70 years ago TV was barely at the experimental stage, 3/4 families owned a set, 8 million were sold in 1936, not fully tuned to the excitement of the medium, someone tapped into the system to make people believe aliens were coming to the USA, he wanted to up his listening figures so he adapted a station to make it sound like it was happening. He was then sued and taken to court. The video below was the one we watched in the lecture.


TV History

  • 1925 – first TV broadcast – 1936 television happened.
  • It grew overnight but had less of an audience because they appeared in miniature versions, first transmission only covered 40 miles from the base.
  • September 1st 1939 the war happened so they shut down the TV in case the enemy took over the transmission of the signals.
  • Broadcasting over different languages

The Power of TV

  • Gulf war 1990 – watched it “live”
  • We became de-sensitised
  • TV TRENDS: average person watches 4 hours of TV a day
  • Average child watches more TV than any other activity
  • Top moments of 2013: Wimbledon, New Year firework display, launch of I’m a Celebrity, Britain’s Got Talent


After Effects: Constructing Our Ident

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After we had finished with our filming, which was quite hard considering what we wanted to include, we then had to create the video. I hadn’t had a lot of experience with video editing software until I started University (unless Windows Movie Maker counts) so I was a little nervous at how well we could make the footage look on quite basic knowledge of After Effects. There were only a couple of things we needed Jay to help with which surprised us! He was more than happy to give us a hand and after about 6 hours, we finally had all of our footage edited, cropped, cut down, positioned and ready to work with.

Having a 25 second limit was proving difficult as one of our videos (our favourite one) was over 55 minutes long! Obviously we cut it down as best we could and managed to get it to around 14 minutes. This is when we called Jay over, he taught us how to speed up, or fast-forward, the clips and shorten them to around 5 seconds:


Speeding Up A Video:

  • After you’ve imported your video and cut it down as best you can, you need to right click on the file, go to ‘time’ and click ‘time stretch’. As our video was particularly long we needed it as fast as possible so we entered 1% into the stretch factor box:
  • It’s still a little too long for our short ident so we then had to do a couple more steps. Right click on the file again and press ‘pre-compose’ and select the second option of “Move all attributes to new composition” as this creates a new layer that holds the shortened video content. The file bar should now have turned brown.
  • Finally, repeat the first step again except don’t enter 1% this time, enter your chosen duration instead. Voila!

Saving the file:

Saving the file might sound a little simple, but previously we’ve been creating animations and we just wanted to make sure that the settings were correct before finalising it.

  • First off, go to the top menu bar to select composition and ‘Add to Render Queue’.
  • The queue box appears at the bottom of your screen and we need to edit the ‘Output Module’ first so select LOSSLESS. The output settings box appears, select ‘Format Options’  and from the drop-down ‘Video Codec’ menu choose H.264.
  • finish off

Packaging Brief: Product Net Design

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For my product packaging, I wanted it to be something that represented both it’s time (1960s) and it’s origin (Canada).

I came up with the idea of basing it on a cigarette package. I really love the simplicity of the opening flap at the top and the inner lining too. It doesn’t stray too far from aftershave convention with its square edges but takes on a new twist. I began by deconstructing an actual cigarette package to get the original net and then replicated it so that I knew how to do it correctly.


My card copy:

I’m really happy with how simple it was to put together, i’m now going to make it on a larger scale as obviously in its current size an aftershave bottle wouldn’t fit.

Packaging Brief: Brand Name Development

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image (6)


When it came down to developing the name for my aftershave, I needed to take into consideration the history of my existing product and all the connotations that came with it. I started off my writing down words that I associated with it – words from the original era, the brand, the origin etc. I managed to come up with some really good words actually and managed to round up a couple of good names:

  • Mad Club
  • The Mad Canadian
  • Canadian Moonshine
  • Mad Avenue
  • Mad Moonshine
  • Mad Twist
  • Neat Twist
  • Rock Avenue
  • Canadian Rocks

These were my favourite from the selection I came up with. I wanted to play on the word ‘Mad’ as it can have a couple of hidden meanings such as Madison from Madison Avenue and Mad just as it is. I pitched these names to my brother and my dad to get a male perspective as they will be the ones buying the end product. They said as a man, they were very much drawn towards Canadian and the abbreviation CC. I acquired CC as an idea as this is the products most common name, but my dad made a valid point in that most men will read it as a reference to engines. I then decided I really do like Rocks because it refers back to how the drink can be served, coming from the popular phrase “On the rocks”. From the list above i’ve narrowed it down to two final options:

The Mad Canadian: CC Edition

The Mad Canadian: Rock Avenue

Packaging: The 1960s Influence & Mood Board

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The 1960s was a highly influential time for the design industry, especially in the advertising sector. Mad Men (the men who worked in advertising on Madison Avenue) practically ran the industry at this point, famous for their designer suits, over-smoking and large intake of alcohol but above all, their knowledge of how to target and win over audiences became world renowned.

Something I noticed when looking at 1960s advertising and packaging is the simplicity in typeface and layout. Although it’s all quite minimal, the use of colour and pattern stands out a mile making this a key style from the era. I really want to channel the simplicity of the design rather than the bold colours so that it represents the sophisticated working man:



Packaging: Canadian Club Whiskey Research

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For the packaging brief I decided upon Canadian Club Whiskey for my choice of alcoholic brand. Having decided on targeting the male audience, I wanted a very masculine beverage that had a bit of historical importance. I absolutely love the TV series Mad Men and without even realising, Canadian Club Whiskey is advertised frequently throughout it as Don Draper’s choice of drink. Perfect. Having a little knowledge of the period it was most famous in, I did a little research into previous packaging designs:

There is always a consistency throughout their designs but I do love the variation when it comes to sizing and layout for special editions. I quite like the Suit & Tie gift box as it’s completely different to their previous products but I don’t think the colour scheme is particularly great. However, I really do love the very regal style box that is lined with fabric. I could take this into consideration with my aftershave packaging but I do need to remember I have a mid-price range. I prefer the square bottle rather than the tall circular bottle, so I don’t think i’ll use this style of box for my aftershave.

I’m currently working on some sketches that will be uploaded later this evening or tomorrow morning.

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