Adobe Illustrator: Marilyn Monroe Portrait

25/01/2014 § Leave a comment

Our monday workshops are now back to Stephen and we’ve moved onto Adobe Illustrator. We started on creating a pop-art themed portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

My favourite lady!

I was super excited to actually start this as first of all, Marilyn Monroe is my idol and second of all, I love the pop-art themes that remind me of Andy Warhol etc. We didn’t have time to finish it in the lesson so we’ll finish it this coming monday.

Before we went about starting the portrait, we had to ensure or file was set up correctly. We were informed that for Commercial Printing we were to use CMYK and for web/screen (or printing at university) we were to use RGB.

*Illustrator uses VECTORS and Photoshop uses RASTERS*

  1. Change the opacity of your main image to around 60% so that you can see what you’re drawing clearly.
  2. Object – “lock selection”
  3. Create a new layer and re-name it “Basic Outline”
  4. Start with your pen tool on a 0.25 stroke, you don’t want it too thick.
  5. Trace around the head but ignoring  the detail around the hair line.
  6. Once you’ve drawn the head (and the neck), select the object, object – path – simplify – show original and adjust the slider to 97/98%. This adjusts the curve precision and softens the sharp edges you might have accidentally added.
  7. Change the colour of your pen and begin on the hair (repeat the above steps)
  8. Now you need to create a new layer labelled “features” and copy and paste the outline onto the features layer (turn off  the outline for the time being).
  9. Select the head and neck outline and colour it with a skin tone (R:232 G:217 B:200).
  10. Select the hair outline and colour it a vibrant yellow.



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