Peter Norris: Project Management

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There are 3 distinct elements:

  1. Design Phase
  2. Execution Phase
  3. Implementation Phase

Design Phase

This covers all aspects related to the design.

  • Research
  • Idea Generation
  • Design Concept(s)
  • Design Embodiment
  • Technical Completion

Execution Phase

This covers all aspects related to the completion and production of the design.

  • Technical completion
  • Production Issues – print, 3D aspects, moving image etc
  • Delivery

Implementation Phase

This covers all aspects related to the design and production once it is out in the public domain.

When undertaking planning ALWAYS work backwards.

List the process in which you need to work (backwards):

  • Courier – Make sure that you have a piece of paper that says you have delivered your final project in the correct state. Also make sure that it is delivered on time for it to be fitted to the printer etc.
  • Digital Formats – Make sure that it is in a format that is readable, has the correct colours and works in every way that is needed
  • Mac Operatives – How many are you using and how long does it take?
  • Design Issues – Time
  • Client Meetings – Depends on the time of year so consider holidays/families/illness etc
1 man hour = what a man does in an hour (reasonably)
1 man day = 8 man hours
1 man week = 5 man days = 40 man hours
1 man month = 4 man weeks = 20 man days = 160 man hours
Recognise that your staff (incl. you) need a break! Ensure that you build a LEEWAY

Britons work to live, Americans live to work!


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