Chosen Data Proposal

19/12/2013 § Leave a comment

The body of knowledge I will be using in this project is the data I collected (and will continue to collect) for The Red Spotty Elephant, a professional baking company. I have a large amount of data for the amount of ingredients used, the number of enquiries received, the number of bookings taken, the amount of cupcakes produced, the miles and minutes taken for delivery and the money earned. I will collect this information by reading through my mother’s previous 3 years of diaries and booking and form an easy to read chart on Microsoft Excel.

I personally believe that there is a need for this information out there other than that of pure interest. Other bakers and small businesses alike will find it useful to know just how much time, effort, money and ingredients go into such a hard working environment. As I work for this baking business in my spare time and thoroughly enjoy doing so, I do believe that I am playing my strengths to my advantage. I have worked within this industry for just over 3 years and helped the owner build their business from the very first cake, meaning I have come to learn the ‘tricks of the trade’ and understand which occasions and holidays are most popular. I plan on using my data from previous weeks and months and comparing it to one of the most cake-demanding holidays all year – Christmas!

My intention with this data collection is to promote the baking industry and its talent, but most importantly to inform. I will push forward statistical data so that customers (and potential customers) will understand the stresses behind the beautiful final pieces they receive and will also understand the prices. I don’t believe that collecting the data is intellectually challenging as my data is easily acquired through my job and love for it, however I do believe that presenting visual graphics in a way that will interest people from out of the industry could prove to be a little more challenging.

I envisaged my clients for this data to be the owners of such businesses – baking, patisseries, deli’s etc. as I do think that it would make great advertising for their companies if their customers can see the lengths in which they go to, to please them.

My aim for my final outcome is to produce a series of minimalistic posters with various pieces of muted palette data visualisation on each or perhaps a short animated video with up-beat tempo music. I know that posters will be lightweight in getting them produced and pushing my boundaries but are always enjoyed if layout and type is correct. I have being really enjoying After Effects recently and although my skills are fairly basic, I do think that by creating a short animated video it would push me further and it would allow me to explore a different media that I have never gone down before.

If I do want to create an animated video, I will have to take more time working with After Effects as my skills in this area will really need to be on form for a final piece. Intellectually, I think I just need to keep my data up to date so that it is all correct at time of hand in so time management will be key as always. Whilst continuing to collect my data, I plan on taking a look at other businesses to see if they’ve done anything similar and comparing their work methods, attitude, timing and earnings to that of the business I will be collecting data for and see how they informed and promoted their information.

I will sketch out my ideas before hand so that I have a rough idea of how much I want to produce and when I want it producing for. By doing this, I think it will help my time management immensely and hopefully avoid that panic stage of “I haven’t finished yet!” the week before hand in. I pride myself on my organisation skills so hopefully it should be smooth sailing throughout the project if my data is handled carefully and correctly.

I hope to gain skills in this project such as time management, understanding clients and appealing to customers (and perhaps excel further in After Effects). It is vital that you fully understand your client’s demands – in this case it’s me, therefore I need to have a clear idea in my head of what I want producing and how I want it to appear. I then need to take into consideration what the customer will like and enjoy and hopefully come up with something that satisfies both ends of the demand chain.


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