Basic Visual Research

19/12/2013 § Leave a comment

Whilst waiting for my proposal feedback I did a little research online at some visuals for baking data. As you might expect, there isn’t actually a lot of information out there regarding baking or it’s information. I did manage to find some basic visuals:







Visually, I think the first image above is the best for colour and graphics. However, it doesn’t present a lot of information or a wide range of data. If I was to use this as my main source of inspiration I would definitely have to adjust layout and data presentation as it is really lacking.

The second image is helpful tips to avoiding baking emergencies – we’ve all been there so this is super helpful! On the other hand, it’s really dull visually. The colours are too muted so they don’t look appealing or keep your attention for long. The ‘sketch’ images are also a little old-fashioned for my taste but if they were aiming this at an older audience, say 30+,  then this would be suitable.

The third image is completely different to the previous two in that it isn’t illustrative. An actual image has been used but personally, I don’t like the appearance – although I do like what its representing. The data isn’t the information I would be showing but it looks to be easily adjustable.


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