Data Visualisation Proposal Ideas

05/12/2013 § Leave a comment

  • YouTube UK – Is there more women then men uploading? How many uploads in a day? Who has the most subscribers? What is the average length of a video? Which video has the most views? How many times a day do people log onto YouTube? What genre of video is most popular?
  • Cinema Experience – How much does the average person spend on refreshments? How often does the average person visit the cinema? Who are they most likely to go with? How much does the average person spend on tickets? Where are they most likely to sit (back, centre, front etc)? What genre of film are you most likely to go see?
  • Films –  Which film has the highest gross on it’s first week? How many posters are printed for publicity? How many Twitter hashtags does it receive? How many actors worked on one film? How much was spent producing one film?
  • Actors/Actresses – How many films have they been in? How much is their net worth? Which genre are they most popular in? How many characters have they played? How much did their best selling film receive? How many partners have they had? How many children do they have? How much property do they own? How many vehicles do they own? How many films are they planning to be in (upcoming)? How many years have they been acting? Who is in the top 10 richest?
  • Superheroes – Who is the most popular out of a selection? Which colours are most popular amongst the franchise? Which age category is more interested in Superheroes? What merchandise is available (T-Shirts, figures, linen etc)? Who sells the most merchandise? How many have superpowers?
  • Shopping – How many times per week do you go shopping? On average, how much do you spend in one trip? What do you buy most of? Do you change your wardrobe to suit season, style or not at all? Who do you go shopping with?
  • Make-Up – Do you wear make-up? Which brands do you buy most frequently? How much would you usually spend on a high end product (Dior, Chanel etc)? How much would you usually spend on a drugstore product (Rimmel, BarryM etc)? In one shopping trip, how much would you spend on make-up? How frequently do you buy make-up (replacements etc)? Which is your favourite brand (Mac, Revlon etc)? What is your must have product (eyeliner, lipstick etc)?

Out of all these ideas, I think that YouTube and the Cinema Experience are the best. I’ve discussed this with John and we both agree that the research and data needs to be on a global scale to provide me with enough informative and wide ranging data. By being on a global scale it will be a lot more interesting to the people that read this which will be primarily from the UK.


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