Introduction to InDesign with George

25/11/2013 § 1 Comment

Missing Links – When you’ve placed an image into InDesign, it remembers where you placed it from. If you then move your image location, it can no longer see your image.

Pre-Flight – Save your document in a “Pre-Flight” format as this allows you to take your file and edit it elsewhere. It saves all your information: images, fonts etc. All you would have to do is download your chosen fonts to that computer. Otherwise, you can save it as a PDF and it is then printable.

We then opened InDesign and looked at the “New Document” dialogue box. We were to make sure that our intent drop down bar was correct – either Print, Web or Digital Publishing. For today, we stuck with a one page Print document.

Bleed – If you want to use a full image on a page, make sure it overlaps the page. We do this because when it is sent to the guillotine, it can be cut slightly too big and leave you with a white border. Overlapping the page with your image makes sure this doesn’t happen.

Creating a New Document

Creating a New Document

Perfect Binding – You need to have a certain amount of pages so that you can get the spine in as this is a glue method.

Saddle Stitch – Staple down the centre of the publication. A2 sheet of paper can actually get you 4 pages on. You are restricted to how many pages you can use with this method as it creates more “Creek” (the pages stick out from the cover). Sometimes the guillotine will cut the excess off but this can mean you lose some image or text.

Working with the TYPE tool:

We played around with size, colour and rotation.

Working with the SHAPE tool:

We created a basic rectangle and coloured it. To create rounded corners, we select the yellow anchor point on the box and drag them.

Type and Shape Tool Examples

Type and Shape Tool Examples



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