Business and Enterprise: Peter Norris Workshop

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Attitudes: Management VS Design

Another View: Henry Mitzberg – difference between a manager and a designer (skills)

Entrepreneurship and Business Management

Need to recognise if they’re is a GAP in the market – is it geographical, specialism, ability or product related?

Figure out your competition – are they big? are they good? It doesn’t matter on their size.

This is YOUR decision. It has to be what YOU want to do, not what anybody else wants else you wont have the DRIVE to succeed.

If you are certain about what you want to do, go and do it.

What is your aim? Is it money, kudos or society?

  1. Strike whilst the iron is hot! Go for it, do it, make it work! Don’t sit back, “Time waiteth for no man”. This implies the DESIRE to succeed.
  2. Tenacity. There will be problems but don’t give up. Work though your issues and solve the problem. This implies the DRIVE to make this happen.
  3. Don’t be precious! You have an idea but it will change. It will be modified. Allow it. Have the courage and grace to accept alteration. This implies your ability to LISTEN to others.
  4. The ability to do. You have to have the ability to act on your ideas. Be practical and pragmatic. This implies your ability to ACT or initiate an action.
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  6. What is the cost/return? If someone is going to help you, there WILL be a cost. Know what this is and how you can achieve it. Ownership: Design Right/Copy Right – Register your designs if you think it has potential (£50).

If you don’t have the Desire and the Drive you won’t be given opportunities to listen and act on your ideas.

It’s not WHAT you know, it’s WHO you know. Get over it! So, who DO YOU know/who SHOULD YOU know?

We should be using: LinkedIn.

Talk to your competition. Get involved.


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