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05/11/2013 § Leave a comment

In Rob and Margot’s lecture this week we just discussed assessments coming up. We did however, finish with a little fun activity. We were all handed A3 paper and were told to screw it up and unfold it. Once we had done this, we were to do the same again, and again… and again! After we unfolded it each time we could see that it was getting smaller and smaller and this was because the fibres were breaking and taking a different form. This allowed us to mould our paper into different shapes. The first image above is of my letter E. You can see the shape quite well and it was easy to manipulate the paper as it was now basically like play doh!

The second image above is the result of a different screwed piece of paper in a straight way and then folded and manipulated in the opposite direction. This almost made my paper take a 3-dimensional form – like a pop-up tent! Overall, a pretty cool task!


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