After Effects: Animating Text

04/11/2013 § Leave a comment

Today we watched Jay’s tutorials on Animating Text in After Effects CS6. I really enjoy Jay’s tutorials as their easy to follow and really helpful! When making the first video below – Animating Text on a Path – I struggled when connecting my text to my path in the right position. The text was going underneath my path instead of sitting on top it and after about 15 minutes, we finally discovered what I was doing differently to everyone else: when adding my text I had created a text box instead of just clicking and typing. Something very simple caused so much confusion for me and Jay, but at least I know how to get text under my paths now!

This second video is Animating Text in general. It was slightly more difficult than the previous image as there were more things to adjust. With this I changed the positioning, opacity and rotation – this means that my text moves down from above the screen to the centre, at the same time the letters are spinning and fading in. It is a really simple and effective way of presenting your title/text and once you’ve got the hang of it there really is no looking back!



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