Advertising: A Sign of the Times

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We are the most savvy generation to media which therefore makes us very aware of every single type of advertisement around. However it is about attaching an emotional quality to the product so that we go out and purchase it.

The 60’s

This was the birth of modern society as we know it. Recovering from the war, life was still the traditional family setup with traditional family values. The rise of fashion that we know now was to change the way we lived – Twiggy and The Rolling Stones we symbols of the rise in good advertising that was heavily influenced by America. We began to gain freedom in advertising and learnt that we could now do it how and when we wanted to. We only had one channel of advertising whereas America had a huge boom.

The 70’s

The freedom of restrictions allowed more creativity to come through in advertising. Lots of people started throwing money into it because they realised the business was vastly becoming the place to invest. Towards the end of the 70’s, economically things went bad. They showed death and gore at inappropriate times – however, this is when the legislation was introduced and helped prevent such explicit images to be shown. As there were no restrictions, they had an evil eye on Tony Blair’s face and this later got banned. When Thatcher became prime minister in 1979, we were very optimistic about our future as she was our first female prime minister, however that was the beginning of another rising of another backlash as she banned partying and raves.

The 80’s

The 80’s had a growing divide between rich and poor which there still is today. Media channels started to grow and expand and because of the global rising, money was being thrown everywhere. All the big labels grew and it was all about big time selling consumerism.

The 90’s

The 90’s brought globalisation, new media, internet and a web explosion. Advertising had to be able to rethink the campaigns after the backlash. They had to see what’s important rather than the hard cold approach and the optimism because of new technologies meant we became respected again by the world. When the film “Blair Witch Project” was released it went viral online as the advertising campaign seemed so real and different to anything previously.

The 00’s

2000′s is the Millennium and we all thought that the world would end at this point. This belief paved the way for the weird and wonderful. New knowledge and skill meant it was time to grow up and deliver an Anti-advertising approach, there is no hard sell anymore just all about intrigue, fun and impressing people with their technological advances. Graphic design isn’t a stand alone art anymore, you need to be able to make strong decisions.

Top 5 industry adverts of the last 100 years:
1. Levi’s commercial – ‘Laundrette.’
About a guy taking his jeans off and constantly washing them trying to make the dye fade. Americanism as the guy wore underpants so after that boxer short sales went through the roof. The song playing came back into the charts.
2. Heineken blues – ‘Sadness Is My First Name.’
3. Hamlet – ‘Cigars.’
4. Tango commercial – ‘Orange Man.’
5. Cadbury’s – ‘Smash.’


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