After Effects: Working with Layers

28/10/2013 § Leave a comment

In this tutorial with Jay we watched his video on working with layers within After Effects.

We began by creating a new composition, a new layer and then creating a solid in a bright colour. Using the Pen tool we then drew a shape and added some animation using the selection tool and adjusting the key points in our shape. Below is a video of my first attempt at animating and changing the position of a solid shape:

The second section of the tutorial he showed us how to create circles, duplicate them, change the colour (in this case we used the 255 of R,G and B which are the colours the TV uses) overlap them and finally change the ‘mode’ to ‘add’ so that we can see what the colours make when put together.

The third section of the video had us adding a rotating shape to our existing animated solid shape and adding an animated gradient fill. Here is my video example:

The fourth section of the tutorial was creating learning how to adjust the pivot/anchor point of the shapes we created so we can change where it rotates. This was a lot simpler than what I first expected:

The final part of the tutorial was perhaps my favourite and that was adding effects to the paths of our shapes. In this case, we added ‘wiggling paths’ and we can change all the settings of this to make it exactly how we would like. We were also taught how to creating 2 different shape layers and have multiple animations happening at the same time – we had the fill fading in as well as the wiggling paths:


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