Designing Data: Visual Storytelling

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Alphabet of Design Classics (MyDesignFix)

Alphabet of Design Classics (MyDesignFix)

New Insights

1858 the sewage systems caused “The Great Stink” resulting in it eventually being flushed into the River Thames and 150 people died from an outburst of a disease, 200 people fled from London 2 days after and after 4 days 500 people had died. They quickly created a visual chart for his data to find out where the disease was coming from and successfully located it down to the first water pump.

Changing Behaviour

The Billion Pound o-Gram (The Guardian)

The Billion Pound o-Gram (The Guardian)

Information is Beautiful: Kinetic Typography

The film “Catch Me If You Can” directed by Steven Spielberg has an opening title sequence created by Saul Bass that is visually stunning.

Collection of Soul Bass images (HD Wallpapers Inn)

Collection of Soul Bass images (HD Wallpapers Inn)

Art & Technology Communicating Ideas

Facebook Usage (SandboxWorld)

Facebook Usage (SandboxWorld)

…Changing Attitudes & Behaviour

Adverts created to display new information on our safety: Jimmy Saville starred in the seat belt safety advert in 1971.

One of the best anti-smoking adverts ever made came from Thailand. It really hammers home how cigarettes are endangering you and others:

Cigarette adverts from the past have always being glamorous, so what changed?

Even some of our beloved characters, Santa Clause and Tom & Jerry, have been roped into promoting the use of cigarettes! Take a look at this Flintstones advert below… oh, how times change!

…It’s Not All About Pretty Pictures

Myra Hindly & Ian Brody were shown in a video created to promote the 2012 Olympics and this caused  uproar. There are thousands of adverts, both print and televised, that have been banned for either misleading information, inappropriate material or they have been broadcast/publicised at inappropriate times.

Future Vision


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