Coding With Multiple Images

23/10/2013 § Leave a comment

This week Spencer wanted us to adjust the stroke/fill of our selection squares, play around with different opacities and paint using more images in the software. Here are a few print screens from the session:

These were the images that I sourced for the session: George Eads, Hugh Jackman and Matt LeBlanc (If you don’t know who any of these attractive men are, please for your own sake, look them up!)

Firstly, we had to make sure that all our images were correctly named and in the right format and location. This is vital if you want to make your coding process as easy as possible – once you mess up, it’s quite tricky to find where you went wrong!

We then had to set up the coding, which Spencer kindly gave to us (thank you!). In my previous Coding posts you will notice my selection squares are in neon green or bright red. Our first move was to get rid of these colours and let it pick up the actual image colours – this meant adjusting the stroke and fill codes.

The next step was to adjust the opacity and finally the last step was to add in a couple more images. It got a little complicated at this point and it seemed as though half of us managed to get it (I was one of the fortunate ones) and half of us struggled for a long while. The point of adding the images was that whenever we pressed play, it produced a random image from our files.


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