Vespa: Style In Motion

20/10/2013 § Leave a comment

After coming up with a a few ideas around my scooter theme. I headed to the engineering department to look up how scooters are made and the history of how they came to how they are today. This information below is taken from the book “Vespa: Style In Motion”.

A Little History

The Vespa was a real record breaker in design Рit is essentially the perfect design! It has never had any major bodywork change since its post-war birth in 1946, only a few minor adjustments. It was created by Rinaldo Piaggio owner of Piaggio & Co. Before the Vespa arrived, the Piaggio family had over 60 years in the engineering and manufacturing business from airplanes, trains, steamboats and sailing ships.

The Shape of Innovation

Initially, the motor scooter was a two-wheeled vehicle made to get away fast or more precisely to ‘scoot’ away. The Italian scooter was to make its mark in history by radically changing concepts which had led to the 1904 Auto-Fauteil at the beginning of the century. It wasn’t until the twenties that the scooter came along in the form of the British-Scootamota and went a whole 25 mph – these were restricted to adults, golf courses and upper-class areas of London.

With it’s record breaking design, it meant that it moved with the times. In fact, it was timeless – like a classic watch. Nothing like the Fiat 500 which will always be a car of the 1950s (engineered by Dante Giacosa).


The creation of the Vespa meant that it was more accessible to women as they weren’t allowed to ride motorcycles for cultural reasons. It was created as a more economical and cheaper way of getting around as the war had left the country in a financial crisis and people simply couldn’t afford cars.

We had to set out on a path completely new and antitraditionalist par excellence – Corradino D’Ascanio (the man who came up with the concept for the Vespa many years previously and then came together with Piaggio)


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