Week 1 and 2 Recap with Spencer Roberts

19/10/2013 § Leave a comment

This week Spencer did a recap session on the previous lectures to make sure we were all up to speed with the task at hand. Here are my recap bullet points from the lecture:


  • Visible Signs – David Crow (2010) He takes you through the patterns of association e.g. bird – wing – flight – butterfly – sky – plane
  • Look at the connections of signs/symbols.
  • Look up “Visual Culture”  on google/amazon/library etc
  • We are to establish our own position/perspective
  • De-sign: cutting away/simplifying/streamlining things
  • We are to choose a theorist who looks at imagery that you’re interested in – e.g surrealism – ask a lot of question & answers
  1. What is the reason to do it?
  2. Where is it going?
  3. What is it about?
  4. What makes it what it is?
  5. The qualities
  6. How practicers approach
  7. How they theorise while doing it

(If you’re thinking of using a practitioner they have to have theorised their work – why do people talk about them, why are they important?)

  • Slavoj Zizek – combining aspects of marxis theory with aspects of pyscho-analytic theory. You can only put these together through their overlaps – what is the hidden structure?
  • Freud – visual symptoms/impairments is a form of communication (by limping he’s telling us as a passer-by something)
  • Marxism – values/morals/beliefs/conventions of society are in someway structured by a set of economic tensions. Things that we see as natural/normal justified this un-equal set of relationships.
  • There are multiple voices in a perspective
  • Critical turn is where images are no longer innocent
  • Theories:
  1. Semiotic Theories (focus on linguistic orders and patterns of association)
  2. Ideological Theories  (hidden political orders of things/ of the culture/ how we’re percieved)
  3. Physcho-analytical Theories (notion of the image as a symptom f the presence/working of a deeper psychological or political process)

To Do:

  • map the theorists in question – get a sense of their core ideas, the context in which their thought originated, lines of influence – concept map
  • make the map mor playful – expressive – doodle – graffiti – add layers of meaning
  • create the icon books adaptation/treatment that illustrates the core ideas, cotnext and influence
  • produce a 2000 word text that provides a commentary to your design choices – why have you chosen to represent the concepts in a particular way)

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