Vespa Adventure in China

15/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Whilst looking up scooters and their history, I came across a website called The Scooterist. It is run by Da Nguyen from Vietnam and the site follows his adventures around the world documenting his scooter and various others he comes across. I feel like I really hit lucky with this blog as it let’s me see what scooters are like and how they are used across the world in comparison to the UK and how we use them. These images above particularly caught my eye because of our University’s connection to Hong Kong. I almost struggled to imagine scooters being popular in China and Japan until one of my lecturer’s informed me that they’re are thousands just lining the streets.

It’s incredible how we let our first impressions and lack of knowledge fuel what we think about other countries and their traditions. I imagined their streets to be lined with bicycles and market stalls, when in fact, Hong Kong is nothing like that. I really recommend anyone who is reading this post to check out his blog and take a look at his Vespa Adventure. It’s eye opening!


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