Photoshop: Colour Corrections

14/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Today in Stephens tutorial, we went over correcting an images white balance. Our eyes automatically white balance an image therefore we actually need to edit our photo’s correctly. We opened up this first image in Photoshop and carefully selected 3 key reference points: 2 skin tones (light and dark) and one neutral grey (her sweater in this case).

Original Portrait Image

Original Portrait Image

First of all we opened up the histogram box so that we could clearly see where our image needed adjusting and correcting. To then edit this image in a non-destructive way we first had to create a new curves layer. Using this tool we were then able to find the brightest part in the image and set it to true white making the entire image a lot brighter for us.

The next step is to open the info palette for each Red, Green and Blue value – the number on the left hand side is the original value in our image and the number on the right hand side is what we want to change. The neutral reference point (grey jumper) should have equal RGB values, this lets us see the colour bias in the image and adjust the RGB values accordingly.

  • The value of the Red should be roughly 40-60 more than the Green value.
  • The Green value should be 25-30 greater than the Blue value.
White Balanced Image

White Balanced Image



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