Different Approaches to Graphic Design

14/10/2013 § Leave a comment

I wanted to look into different approaches to presenting graphics as when it comes down to it, my collection will have to appeal to people of my age with similar interests but within a different culture. Of course there is the standard posters etc that Graphic Designers are known to do (and greatly, might I add) but I just wanted to see what else was out there for me to try!

Jenny Hart

Coming from a textile background I especially loved these portraits by Jenny Hart that I found in Illustration Play (pages 108 to 113) which explores new trends in handcrafted graphics. I researched her further as this is something I will really consider when it comes to presenting my graphic work and you can find a full collection of her embroidery here.

Genevieve Dionne

I’ve had plenty of practice with the soldering iron tool used to make these pieces of art and I really love the simplicity of them. She has only used one tool and one material and yet has created something so unique and interesting that it really does prove that less is more. I do however, think that this technique may be a little too simple for my work with Scooters as colour plays an important role with the whole iconography of them. To view Dionne’s most recent work you can click here. On her website you can see that she doesn’t stick to her one material of wood, she has ventured into pottery and embroidery too (like Hart). Images from pages 38 to 41.

Robert Ryan

Robert Ryan is a highly renowned artist and over the years many have replicated his style. I absolutely love this style; it’s extremely delicate and feminine – almost poetic. I’m not sure if this style would work in relation to my scooter theme as they are commonly known to be cool, bold and vibrant. Although I could create the colour I need, i’m not quite sure the method would create the overall appearance I desire. Images found on pages 156 to 163.

Steven Harrington

I chose to include Harrington in my research as his work immediately grabbed my eye. I loved the thought of been able to look at all the individual pieces of art he has created and put together to create a collection. Once his small selection of work is created, he copies it a bunch of times onto fabric and then stitches them together, almost like a patchwork quilt. I really like the retro feel you initially get and then the burst of modernism when you actually look at it as individual pieces of art. His bold use of colour also means I could easily use this technique with my chosen collection. Images found on pages 96 to 107.

Sandrine Pelletier

Pelletier’s work is very similar to that of Jenny Hart’s in that she uses stitching too. The alphabet grabbed my eye first and then the red cotton and messiness of it all really made it what it is. After further looking at her work I realised she doesn’t stick to one style either which makes her work as a whole really interesting to view.


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