Artist Taxonomy Research

13/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Trying to find books in the library on artist collections and taxonomy became increasingly difficult to locate. Eventually, I started looking up different themed books and luckily, I did find a few examples of work that interested me.

These images were scanned and taken from Instant Graphics: Source & Remix Images for Professional Design (Middleton & Herriot) page 30 to 33. I selected this artist, Martin O’Neil, as I really love the presentation of the draws and as a whole, it is a collection of stickers and doodles over a long period of time. I also liked the cut outs and collection of letters in various fonts as they relate quite well to my previous work. The collection of photographic canvases definitely has a more textural and textile vibe to them but with my history of textiles, I really loved this as a sample.

I found this selection of bins in the First International Sticker Awards book on pages 62 and 63. These aren’t your conventional collection of items obviously, but I love how they created it by using stickers to add a bit of creativity and life to something classed as dull and dirty. It brought them all together and added humour to society.

The same goes for this collection of Porta-loo’s found in the book, Typographics: Graphic Fusion (Walton). This collection was created by designer Martijn Oostra and found on pages 26 and 27. You wouldn’t actually collect Porta-loo’s (I would hope!) but this artist has took the typography from them and created a great unusual collection!

These images were taken from the same book on pages 38 and 39 and were designed by Hanson Ho. These are straight forward and simple.


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