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10/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Over the summer holidays our summer project was to collect 30 of the same ‘thing’. It could be photographs or an actual object which widened our search. I wanted to take my holiday as a great opportunity to collect something that you don’t see as often in the United Kingdom. I initially thought of postcards as I would be able to get a lot from different countries but thought someone else may have that already. Scooters was something I settled on and thought it was a pretty cool collectible – all I saw was Italian men in fancy suits sat on their bright coloured Vespas! Not many people in the world will actually own a collection of Scooters (they’d have to be rich!) but at least I own a photographic one.

An old Scooter found on the streets of Salzburg, Austria

When i’d got home I felt that I needed to collect more, it’s in my personality – I think i’m a secret hoarder! So I started taking photos of my mum’s cupcakes. Again, you can’t keep the initial product (although you can eat them!) but I thought it was a great way of documenting so many random peoples crazy ideas of what to put on a cupcake as she get’s some wacky suggestions from customers.

A delicious Minion from Despicable Me

As I do generally collect a lot of things anyway like bus/train tickets and receipts, I thought why not use something you’ve already collected? I am addicted to buying magazines. Not the trashy ones, the expensive ones at £5 a pop! I have over 100 magazines in total and they’re taking over my bedroom!

Only a fraction of my Magazine Collection

I have a lot of other ‘mini collections’ of items such as nail varnishes, soft toys and DVDs but the only other collection i’ve had for the best part of 15 years is my Memory Box. It has everything in there, from old broaches and war memorabilia off my Great Grandmother to festival bands and birthday cards. It’s my happiest place to go to and I think that would make a great collection…however that may be!


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