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Defying Cultural Convention

Theories of Play – Child Development Theories:

  • Freud, Skinner etc

Social Development Theories:

  • Bowlby – Attachment Theory
  • Bandura – Social Learning Theory
  • Piaget – Stages of Cognition
  • Lev Vygotsky – Sociocultural Theory

Culture and Emotion:

“The Idea of Culture” – Terry Eagleton (Oxford Proffessor)

“Emotional intelligence” Goleman (95), happiness is a universal core emotion.

Kobayashi and Hara (96) – Facial Recognition

McCloud (95) – Storytelling and meaning, emotional connections pyramid.

McCloud's Emotional Connections Pyramid

McCloud’s Emotional Connections Pyramid – the era you grew up in tells us what your relationship to objects is like.

I learnt that there were rules put in place to stop brands from advertising their products to young children in such ways as bedding, curtains and dolls (e.g. Strawberry Shortcake). However, advertises found a way around this by creating short 15-30 minute animations for their products which then became a ‘cartoon’ over time.


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