Working with Layers in Photoshop!

08/10/2013 § Leave a comment

In today’s studio session with Jay we were give a couple of JPEG files to download and were told to colour a specific image without being destructive to the file or lose the high quality. He ran through a simple demonstration on how to do this.

Original Sketch Image

Original Sketch Image

I began by making the image an editable layer and adjusting the transparency so that the colours can sit beneath as individual layers. The next stage was to pick a selection tool to draw around the image; we were advised to use the Polygon Lasso Tool for its ability to draw straight lines easily and quickly. We then simply had to fill in the star layer with the Paint Bucket instead of having to click each tiny section of the image and altering the pixels.

First Layer

First Layer

It then looked something like this above. I continued to colour the rest of the image, creating a new layer for each colour – the sky, the land and finally the shadow of the star. Of course, the shadow layer had to be on top of the land layer so we just simply adjusted the positioning in the layers panel (I also made sure to save each new work path that I created).

The completely coloured star.

The completely coloured star

This was my final image, its a rough copy therefore the lines aren’t as neat as I would have liked them and the colours certainly aren’t brilliant, but overall I was happy with how easily layers are created and managed and the importance of them when preserving an original images quality.


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