The Importance of Colour

08/10/2013 § Leave a comment

Why is colour important?

  • They have physiological effects on your vision
  • Colour stimulates the eye on different levels
  • Colours react differently on top of other colours
  • Designers can manipulate visual perceptions to achieve a desired response

Historically, colours were extracted from plants making it very expensive to create vibrant colours. This of course resulted in colours such as ‘Mauvine‘ to be associated with royalty as it was only those who could afford such colours. In 1856 William Perkin discovered a synthetic dye that was resistant to fading, making colours a lot more durable.

Printing Methods

Screen printing and engraving was very expensive until the development of Lithography in the 1930/40s which made it a lot more affordable.

The Value of Colour

Black and white TV was all we had once upon a time. It wasn’t until 1969 that colour TV was introduced – watching programmes such as football that involved teams had to use patterns to help the viewers separate the teams because colour wasn’t an option yet.


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